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    Web Development

    Our core team has an expertise almost over all the existing technologies. We primarily work on PHP, Java, .NET etc.

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    Web Design

    Html5, Css3, Bootstrap

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    Magento, Opencart, Shopify, BigCommerce

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    Mobile Application

    Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows.

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    Internet Marketing

    SEO, SEM, Display advertising, Affiliate marketing and Mobile advertising

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    Social Media Marketing

    Email marketing, Referral marketing, Content marketing, Native advertising

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    Application Design and Development

    Customized desktop applications

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    Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal


Content Management System


Joomla Services

Joomla! is a robust content management system (CMS). It is widely used for building powerful online application. It has evolved from PHP and Mysql. Across the globe it is used by verticals like media and entertainment and car rental portals.


Wordpress Services

Wordpress is one of the most enhanced and continuously evolved CMS interface. It is generally used by bloggers. Wordpress has evolved from PHP and over a period of time it's plugins has made it more effective and efficient.


Magento Services

Magento is one of the best platforms which is widely used by maximum e-commerce portals across the globe. It is SEO friendly and multiple web shop related features has made it more powerful and dynamic to use. It is constantly evolving and coming up with new enhanced features.


Drupal Services

Drupal is content management software. Features like security and evolved plugins for easy monetization has made it more famous and powerful. Currently Drupal 8 is running ahead in the market with powerful modules and plugins.


Work flow

We at Clag Tech are one of the experts in developing workflow modules. Over a period of time we have developed and helped many verticals and their processes in automating their day to day functions. We are constantly evolving in this domain having worked with players in hospitality, real estate, healthcare, manufacturing etc.

Since the automation of workflow processes is one of the most critical functions for any businesses we make sure that our agile method of development does not leave any gap in developing the same. Our team has helped many businesses in improving productivity,visibility and accountability over a period of time. Our constant engagement model, client servicing and diversified vertical knowledge also helps in consulting our clients in improving their existing model of workflow.We follow BPM model of workflow management.

work flow

Custom Software Development

We are one of the experts organisation in building customized software's. Over a period of time we have built custom software's for hospitality, manufacturing, real estate sectors etc. Our diversified development in different verticals has made us one of the experts in this domain.

Custom software development is often considered as an additional cost incurred to the existing model of the business process but it's core character eventually helps in fixing the process gaps. Large organisations use custom software's like content management, inventory management,customer management, human resource management in order to fix the untouched gaps of the existing business process. Over period of time we have built many cloud based and mobile based custom software's which has made our team more and more experienced in different verticals of business processes and their existing process gaps. Our experienced BA and Project management team has also helped many large and small enterprises in creating a tailor made solutions for their business problems. Looking for a quote....


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